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New Offline Timesheet Tool

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PSA: Beginning tonight, Friday 1/20/2023 at 7PM PT, WellSky Personal Care (ClearCare) will be undergoing maintenance. During this time your caregivers may not be able to clock-in or clock out through the Mobile app or Telephony. The system may experience intermittent errors for up to 12 hours. Click here for updated information:

We’re here to help! We have created a set of “Offline Timesheet Tools” to allow caregivers to continue to be able to clock in and out during the maintenance window. It also allows agency administrators to monitor clock-ins and clock-outs.

The benefits of the new offline timesheet tool:

  • It’s Free to the first 50 agencies who sign up.
  • Provides a way to monitor clock-ins and clock-outs during the maintenance window.
  • Reduces the need for caregivers to call the office or on-call service to request clock-in or clock-out assistance.
  • Location Tracking Enabled: Records caregiver location during clock in/out for Electronic Visit Verification (as long as they have location services enabled on their phone).
  • Caregivers are asked to verify via signature that they are at the client’s location when they clock-in and clock-out.
  • For security purposes: The client name is encrypted in the web form and the data collection spreadsheet is password protected.

How does it work? There are two parts of the toolset. 1) A webform that the Caregivers will use to clock in and out on their mobile phone. 2) A file for agency administrators to monitor and track clock ins and outs. 

Click below to sign up, as we are offering this for Free to the first 50 agencies.

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