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FREE Offline TimeSheet Toolkit

Home care agencies need a solution when their software vendor has to do maintenance.
The free SCBA Timesheet Toolkit captures and allows your agency admins to monitor clock-in and clock-out data even when your Agency Management System is offline!
SCBA has got you covered. Because we care!

We saw a need and met it! Introducing the “SCBA Offline Timesheet Toolkit”. This is the answer to capturing clock-in and clock-out data when your agency management software is offline for any reason. The response to what we originally called our Offline Timesheet Toolkit was so overwhelming, that we have officially launched it as the debut service in our Disaster Recovery portfolio.

The SCBA Timesheet Toolkit allows caregivers to clock in and clock out by recording the data in a separate file during periods when the agency’s scheduling and/or management system experiences expected or unexpected outages.

The SCBA Timesheet Toolkit is a must-have in the Disaster Recovery Toolbox of every home care agency.

The benefits of the Offline TimeSheet:

  • Provides a form that can be accessed on the caregiver’s mobile device to allow for an alternative method to clock in and clock-out from a shift.
  • Provides a data capture tool that allows administrators to monitor clock-ins and clock-outs.
  • Reduces the need for caregivers to call the office or on-call service to request clock-in or clock-out assistance.
  • Reduces billing and payroll errors and provides backup documentation of what took place when your AMS was unavailable.
  • Location Tracking Enabled: Records caregiver location during clock in/out for Electronic Visit Verification if they have location services enabled on their phone.
  • As a backup to location services, caregivers are asked to verify via signature that they are at the client’s location when they clock in and clock-out and explain why if they are not there.
  • For security purposes: The client’s name is encrypted in the web form and the data collection spreadsheet is password protected.

The amount of sticky notes I had everywhere when our system would go down with names and times 😩… especially on a weekend…man this would’ve been great! Nice work!!

Lesley Altman

How much does it cost?

NOTHING! That’s right. It’s completely free to use. We want every agency to be able to use this tool and ensure HIPPA compliance.

How do I get the SCBA Offline Timesheet Toolkit?

  1. Complete this form to tell us more about yourself and which features you are interested in.
  2. We’ll get back to you with a price and an expected turn-around time. Orders are processed in the order in which they are received so don’t delay.
  3. After you sign up and are processed, we’ll build your custom form, the file that will securely store your data and customize your documentation.
  4. We’ll contact you with the secure password or send the Time Password (OTP) to your agency administrators.
  5. You send out the link to your caregivers and have your agency administrators confirm they have access to monitor the data file.

That’s it! You have a disaster recovery system in place for capturing clock-ins and clock-outs!

How did we make it so easy?

The form was engineered by people who know home care.  The rules are integrated so that keep the form concise by only prompting for necessary information based on answers already provided. We will provide you with documentation and messaging scripts to send out to your field staff so they know what to do.

We know you are going to want to add this valuable toolkit to your disaster recovery backup plan. Be sure to request pricing today using the form above, or call us today at: (678) 340-3649