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James Merson

Hometown:   Walnut Creek, California
Education:   Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Experience:   20+ years

Hi there! I’m really excited to work with you as I’m very passionate about the home care and aging space. My first foray into serving the aging community was in high school. After 7 years of helping my father run the youth soccer program in my community, I decided to continue my service in high school – but with an emphasis on seniors in assisted living homes. I still remember one of my first friends. She had the same birth day and month and we bonded immediately. After returning to school one September, though, I visited her only to learn that she had passed. I knew JoAnn was in a better place, but also that I wanted to do more to help this precious population.

In college I joined, and eventually led, a community-service-based fraternity and infused the organization with the same principles which guided me for years – service to others. After college, my first role was managing home healthcare services for children (very emotional!) and adults with chronic conditions. Fast forward to now and I have a 20+ year career in the home care space. I’ve worked in home health, hospice, personal care and technology, but always with an emphasis on increasing my sphere of influence and bringing good ideas and good care to those around me.

Every once in a while I ask others how they perceive my strengths, as you’ll notice on my LinkedIn profile, and most have responded that I have a knack for strategically solving problems, tackling challenges and generally producing ideas which better those around me. I also like to think I have a way of getting to know others but I’ll leave that to you!

So, why should you choose me/us? Simply put, we’re awesome! Just kidding (but not really). Candidly, I and the team will always be open and transparent with you, because we take a different approach in our offering. We’ve been on the front-line as well as behind the scenes. I like to say that we’ve seen it all, but am humble enough to understand that change is the only constant in life. And, as always, we believe in our mission: Changing the way you care!

Talk to you soon!


Apart from his home care industry expertise, what separates James from nearly everybody else I’ve worked with is his ability to solve problems. He’s not just a “problem solver”; rather, he works tirelessly to understand problems, their impact on the organization and/or customers, and then directs all of his energy to solve these problems. James accomplishes this through his rare ability to effectively interface with executives, engineers, product people, his team, and customers. Above all else, James is a good person – he is funny, lighthearted, and is a fiercely loyal father. It is my pleasure to recommend him.

~Daniel Kaplan, Generator Ventures
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