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How to Find a New Balance in Your Life and Business

Running an agency doesn’t have to mean running yourself, or your team into the ground. We can help you find a new balance in your life and business. Currently, a grinding/hustle culture is making its way through the country, with many of us strtork ourselves to the bone, in order to make as much money as possible. However, this culture also promotes a lack of downtime and doesn’t offer you any balance. Without having time each day to decompress from the workday, not just passing out in your bed, the service that you deliver to your clients, and the relationships with your fellow employees will deteriorate.

If you have fallen into this pattern, it can be hard to get out of. Here are 5 tips to help you find a new balance!

Tip 1: Communicate Boundaries

Make sure that you are completing the work tasks critical to your role, and that you aren’t having to spend too much time completing the tasks of your colleagues. I.e.. The Scheduler needs to be the primary scheduler, and unless you’re on-call, you shouldn’t be touching the schedule. Likewise, ensure that only one person is responsible for finalizing shifts.

Tip 2: Taking your Breaks

We all get busy at work, and some days it doesn’t feel like we have time to step away from our desks and take a lunch break. Even if you can’t leave the office, go to your break room if you have one and sit down and enjoy your sandwich or frozen dinner. Take that 30 minutes to eat and decompress. Read a book or listen to music on your headphones during your break times. 

Tip 3: Leave your Work at Work

It’s all too common to let an especially stressful day at work, follow you home. Don’t brood over the day’s events during your commute home (or after you sign off your PC, if you work from home). When at all possible leave the stress of work at work. Once you’re done with the workday, enjoy your dinner and spend time with your family and friends. Watch that movie on Netflix, read a novel, or grab an evening jog. Do something at night, that lets your mind relax so that you’re well rested the next morning.

Tip 4: Take a Vacation

When was the last time you took a vacation? Check out our article all about why it’s so important to the success of your business, and your physical and mental health to take a vacation.

Tip 5: Contact Us!

At SCBA we’re here to help you achieve not only the goals for your agency but also give you back your “me time” so that you have a healthy work-life balance! We can serve as a temporary CEO/Director of Operations for your agency so that you can step away for a week or two and take a vacation. Our newest solution is HomeCareOS! With HomeCareOS we’ll manage your agency’s after-hours/on-call phone calls and texts. We’ll handle staffing shifts when caregivers call, and only escalate calls to you when the situation includes a client’s condition! Even better, all of our HomeCareOS representatives are based in the US!

For more information on HomeCareOS or our other consulting solutions, call me at 678-340-3649 or email us at! We look forward to serving your agency, and the meaningful work you do each and every day in making the lives of your clients safer!

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Author: Tyler West

Tyler West is a founding partner of Senior Care Business Advisors with over 10 years of experience in personal care, home care, health care and technology. He is also a former Director of Operations for a Home Care Agency and worked in technology with ClearCare and other organizations. Additionally, he is a published author. Connect with him through Senior Care Business Advisors website,, or LinkedIn You can also reach him via email at

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