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How to Create Effective Goals for a Successful New Year

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Happy New Year! It’s now the first week of 2023, and we’re all settled back into work after a couple of weeks of holiday celebrations with our friends and family. Even though making New Year’s resolutions has become a cliché, your business should come together and create goals.

January, right after the holiday season, is also one of the busiest times of the year for your agency. During this week and the coming weeks, you will be inundated with calls from family members seeking care for their loved ones. That’s why it’s crucial to have a game plan when you return to regular office hours this week.

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Use SMART Goals

SMART stands for Specific Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. If you are having a hard time coming up with what a good goal will be for your business, use the framework. It helps you create goals that you can actually achieve! Here is an example:

Goal: To gain more clients in 2023.
SMART Goal: Gain 50 new clients by the end of December 2023.

Goal: Retain employees
SMART Goal: Hire 20% less staff this year, and focus on keeping current staff. Track KPI’s such as employee satisfaction and turnover rates.

Involve Everyone

By involving your whole admin team in your goals, you will have several benefits once your entire team is on the same page and working towards the same shared goals. Additionally, your office staff will strive to keep everyone motivated and hold everyone accountable. You may also not even be aware of a problem until you talk to everyone on the staff team.

Create a system to Track Goals

Like mentioned with the SMART goals, having a system to track your goals is crucial. It does not need to be a complicated system, it just needs to be effiient, and ensure that you update it regularly. A simple spreadsheet can be created to quickly and efficiently track your progress throughout the coming year. Dedicate 5 minutes a day to looking and updating your goals.

Update Your Meeting Schedule

The New Year is a perfect time to update your meeting schedule. (If you don’t have a regular meeting schedule, then take the time to create one.) At a minimum, you should have a stand-up meeting each morning to get quick updates from your admins regarding your clients, caregivers and prospects. You should also have a weekly meeting and schedule a monthly one.

Evaluate your Marketing

Finally, we have marketing. Since you are creating goals for the coming year, you want to ensure that your marketing is set up to help you attain your goals. Create a budget on where you want to spend your marketing dollars, look at events you want to sponsor and refine your marketing routes to ensure that you’re seeing your referral sources regularly.

To help you reach your goals, we offer a full range of consulting services geared toward home care agencies. We offer a free 30-minute consultation call with all agencies. Reach out to us at 678-340-3649 or

We’re looking forward to helping your agency obtain operational excellence! Happy New Year!

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Author: Tyler West

Tyler West is a founding partner of Senior Care Business Advisors with over 10 years of experience in personal care, home care, health care and technology. He is also a former Director of Operations for a Home Care Agency and worked in technology with ClearCare and other organizations. Additionally, he is a published author. Connect with him through Senior Care Business Advisors website,, or LinkedIn You can also reach him via email at

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