Welcome to the SCBA team, Maddie!

We are excited to announce that Maddie Kapteyn has joined our team as our new Marketing Coordinator. She’s been working with us for about a month now, so I’m sure you’ve all noticed the improvements in our marketing campaigns already.

Maddie is a recent graduate of the University of Windsor where she received her honors Bachelor of commerce, specializing in marketing, minoring in information technology. In addition to working with SCBA, she is also completing her graduate degree in marketing.

Maddie’s absolute favorite pastime is being with animals and she loves spending time with her hamster… she also makes a habit of basically adopting the pets of her friends and family as well. Maddie also enjoys weightlifting and going to the gym (almost!) every day.

Please give her a warm welcome! We can’t wait to see how our marketing and messaging continues to improve with her valuable contributions!

Welcome Maddie!

Welcome to the team Maddie!
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