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Informative ways to get Your Agency Ready for Winter

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With December upon us, it is important to think about how your agency can prepare for the winter months. Even if you live in a warmer climate, winter always brings changes that are essential that you do not ignore. Continue reading below to learn some tips on how to get your staff, caregivers, and clients ready for the winter season!

Ensure Caregivers do winter checks

Have caregivers do checks around the clients home, and have them report these checks in whatever method you see fit. Have them check:

  • The Furnace
  • Alarms
  • Windows
  • Pipes
  • Ducts
  • Check to make sure the client has salt and snow removal tools

Checking client’s homes before something goes wrong is always the best practice. This can also prevent a fatal accident and help prevent electrical fires. Check this link out to see more tips.

Ensure Clients have proper clothing and footwear

On top of checking for things around the home, it is important for your caregivers to ensure clients have proper garments to wear during the winter. Although going outside should be avoided as much as possible, it isn’t realistic. Have them check to make sure the client has proper footwear, blankets, and warm enough clothes for your state’s conditions. Proper footwear can help eliminate a fall risk, and proper garments can prevent sickness or hyperthermia.

Caution Caregivers and Clients about driving in winter conditions

When it comes to the winter, many people dread driving more than anything else. Brief your staff on best practices when it comes to driving in wintery conditions, and ensure they pass this information along to clients if they happen to drive too. Suggest allowing the caregiver to drive for the clients if trips are necessary.

Snow blizzard on the road, a car and a truck driving down the road during snowstorm.

Ensure proper nutrition within your Staff and Clients

The beginning of winter is also the beginning of the main flu and cold season. Protect your staff and clients and ensure they have the proper tools to fight these two sicknesses. Inform caregivers to share tips on how to protect yourself from flu’s and colds, and ensure you have a sick policy. Caregivers should not visit a clients home if they are having symptoms. Remind them that in addition to doctor’s offices many pharmacies offer flu-shots as well.

Check in with your Staff

Finally, do weekly check ins with your staff. Winter also brings seasonal depression, isolation and loneliness. Take time to have staff appreciation, listen frequently, and encourage good work life balance.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to working with you. As always, we’re in your corner. We offer a free 30-minute consultation, and our team has real-world experience running personal care agencies. Contact us here! Give Tyler West a call at 678-340-3649 or email us at We look forward to working with your agency!

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