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ClearCareGo is now WellSky Personal Care

Almost a year to the day from WellSky’s official announcement that ClearCare would be rebranded as WellSky Personal Care, WellSky has begun changing both the mobile app icon and name, and the website address.

The Mobile App for Caregivers and Admins

Starting on or about September 22, 2022, WellSky has begun the rollout of the new WellSky Branded App for the WellSky Personal Care product formerly known as ClearCare. This directly impacts the caregiver workforce.

Here are links to the information page on the App Store® and Google Play®

Please be sure to update your agency’s onboarding, orientation and documentation to reflect the new name. Also, we recommend that you send out a notification to your entire workforce to avoid further confusion.

Changes and Redirects of the Website

In addition, they have posted a notice on the website that they are redirecting the website to beginning this month. Currently, the link will redirect you back to, but when the redirect is discontinued, users will need go to and select the Login button at the top, and then scroll down to select WellSky Personal care. At this time users may also go to to avoid one of the steps.

Here’s how it looks as of September 2022.

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