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Launch Day for SCBA!

A picture indicating that it is the launch day of Senior Care Business Advisors. It shows a laptop that shows the website address:

Today we are proud to announce that today is launch day for SCBA! We have officially launched Home Care Business Advisors, LLC dba Senior Care Business Advisors… also known as SCBA.

Our mission is “Personalized Consulting for Personalized Care.” That means we don’t believe in offering the same consulting services to every agency as some people do, we believe in finding out more about your agency and then developing a plan with you to reach your goals. Our primary client base is Home Care agencies. Each of our founders comes with an extensive background in homecare operations and technology. We all also have a breadth of knowledge and experience with software used by home care agencies. Our goal is to help agencies implement changes to their operations that ultimately improve client outcomes. This should in turn help the agency reach their financial goals whether that’s revenue goals or even an exit strategy.

Combined, James Merson, Charlene Richardson, and Tyler West have over 50 years of experience in the home care industry. We’ve managed agencies, built technology solutions, defined best practices, and consulted thousands of clients.

Tell us about your greatest challenge managing a home care agency and ask us how we can help. Check out our website at and sign up for a Free Consultation. Thank you for being here with us on our Launch Day!

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