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Timely Information: What is Electronic Visit Verification?

Today, our company, Senior Care Business Advisors, will arm your agency with information regarding Electronic Visit Verification, or EVV. The EVV mandates are a portion of the 21st Century Cures Act. Here we’ll try to answer some questions about EVV in case you need to change your business operations. EVV relates to how caregivers clock in/out of their shifts with clients.

Two ways to be Electronic Visit Verification Compliant

For example, to be EVV compliant, a caregiver has two options for clocking in/out of their shifts with clients. One option for caregivers is to clock in/out of a shift via a GPS-supported mobile app on their smartphone (Androids or iPhones). In addition, another option that meets the mandate allows the caregiver to clock in/out of their shift through a Telephony system using the client’s home phone (landline). Each of these methods verifies the caregiver visited the client and began & ended their shift at the client’s residence. 

Ensure Caregivers Clock In Using Mobile Apps

As owners and operators of personal care agencies, you must follow the EVV Mandates. Furthermore, you will want to strongly discourage your office administrators from clocking caregivers in/out of shifts on the backend. If your administrators are clocking caregivers in/out remotely for shifts where EVV is mandated, your office will be required to submit a valid reason why a caregiver could not clock in or out through a verified process properly. If the Payor doesn’t accept the reason for the admin remotely clocking in a caregiver, it could cause delayed payments or rejected claims from the Payor. 

Every State and Territory is Different

Also, every US State (including DC) and Territory has different aggregators overseeing their EVV programs. For example, this means that the process for EVV in the state of Georgia will differ from the process for EVV in Oregon. Additionally, some states will be more strict than others. If your business spans multiple states, ensure that you keep up to date on the EVV regulations in each state. 

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